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There are moments in the trajectory of an artist´s life   that he engages in the development of his aesthetic research, developing sophisticating  and his  language, in others, plunging boldly into the unknown to try new challenges, in search of discoveries.
This is how the early career of artist Alejandro Zenha. At first, his  topographical landscapes of strong expressions . straight lines,of a formal organization, among other methods technological circuits and  quick strokes. The city blends  to the  technology mixing strategic planning with systems programming, metropolis and technology meet, complement, to conceptualize one another.
Now, his  also strong expressions of topographical landscapes, with mostly curved lines in a realistic and sensible view  with characteristics of a classic French school – the art of décor, very present in the visual  universe. It is also the beginning.
Through his works – his artistic  work – intends to provide the viewer in a subtle way, the concept of urbanism and technology, raising the public sense of visual harmony and modernity, challenging to weave a different look, contemporary and modern landmarks of Goiânia, who suffers from constant degradation by the population, not knowing the concept and importance of urban planning, not being aware of the need to accurately preserve the city as a way to improve life quality   and hence social value of  the human being.
It is not just include the community in knowledge and appreciation of the city by looking at art. Behind each piece he captures an entire concept and theory always for the same purpose: to look at, understand and admire the city, trying it, through the process of urban and civic consciousness, culminating in the exaltation of the city’s urban heritage of Goiania and consequently of other cities, with these same characteristics.

The community gains knowledge of the plastic form, on a science increasingly growing – urban planning – it  is an opportunity to revisit the ways of the city to its overlapping strokes circuits technology of a modern age and conscious. Also gains a new artist engaged in intense achievements, which accepts no aesthetic limitations in seeking new solutions to his  artistic practice.

Antonio Mata